COVID-19 Hotline

To reduce the burden placed on our healthcare system by COVID-19, student leaders at the Stritch School of Medicine established a COVID-19 hotline to screen and triage callers for testing. This initiative, established in collaboration with LUMC’s Infection Control Team, Command Center, and Patient Access Center, mobilized over 65 medical student volunteers to field 300-400 calls each day. During its 235 hours of operation before it was transitioned to hospital staff, the Hotline fielded 4,000+ calls. The volunteers screened, triaged, and determined testing status for 1,500-2,000 Patient Under Investigation (PUI) forms sent from ambulatory clinics, nurses, and physicians. Callers that did not meet screening criteria for COVID-19 received CDC guidance on physical distancing and hygiene in the home and outside. The Hotline Student Leadership Team trained and re-certified 30+ nursing staff to manage the phone lines and evaluate PUI forms before transitioning operations to hospital or staff.