• LearnToBe: LearnToBe is an online platform that provides free and low cost tutoring to students across the nation. Students who incorporate LearnToBe tutoring to their learning see significant increases in their letter grades (by 14%) and GPAs (by 1.6). The organization is very passionate and has numerous tutors ready to help grade school students, college students, professional students, and retirees. 

    • Want to learn more? Visit the website: https://www.learntobe.org/ or contact Minu Pitchiah (mpitchiah@luc.edu), Executive Officer of Tutoring for the New Life Volunteering Society Executive, a partner of LearnToBe

  • Do you need tutoring help transitioning to online learning? COVIDTutor Project is a platform that was founded based on the transitioning to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It connects high school students with another student in the area for tutoring and academic support. For students, this is a wonderful opportunity to have a companion to navigate through the COVID pandemic and adjust to the online learning curriculum.